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3 Health Benefits From Eating Porridge

3 Health Benefits From Eating Porridge

Let’s talk about breakfast; the greatest meal of the day.

It looks like Goldilocks had it right all along; low in calories, low in fat, high in fibre and packed with nutrients, porridge is a superfood with a wide range of health benefits.

Take a look at three health benefits from eating this breakfast classic.

1. Improves Muscle Recovery

Improves Muscle Recovery

Porridge contains high levels of phosphorus, a mineral which has been shown to decrease levels of lactic acid during and after exercise.

Phosphorus helps improve energy production by filtering waste through the kidneys and muscles; perfect to eat after an intense workout.

Tip: For an extra hit of this essential mineral, make your porridge with milk and add in some sunflower seeds.

2. Reduces The Risk of Heart Disease

Reduces The Risk of Heart Disease

A study carried out Harvard University revealed that whole grains such as porridge, reduce the risk of heart disease along with other major diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Porridge oats contain a particular type of natural fibre called beta-glucan which has been found to lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease.

Scientists at the Harvard University found that people who consumed a small bowl of porridge (28g) every day reduced their risk of heart disease by up to five per cent.

3. Helps Prevent Depression

Helps Prevent Depression

Porridge oats are full of Vitamin B6 and this encourages the brain to produce serotonin, a chemical created by the body that works as a neurotransmitter which helps to balance out our moods.

A serotonin deficiency can cause of depression, anxiety, or stress. By incorporating porridge in to your diet, you can increase your feelings of well-being and even improve your sleep.

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