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5 Reasons Why People Love Beetroot

5 Reasons Why People Love Beetroot

Roast it, blend it, steam it. Whichever way you eat it, beetroot is fast becoming one of the most sought after treasures of the vegetable world. Even with its hairy exterior, the naturally sweet beetroot is bursting with nutritional goodness.

Want to know more a bit more about this health-food titan? Here are five reasons why people love beetroot.

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Studies have found that eating beetroot can help significantly lower blood pressure in just a matter of hours.

The high levels of naturally occurring nitrates in beetroot are converted into nitric oxide in the body. When ingested, our bodies convert these nitrates into nitric oxide, a chemical which helps to relax and dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow, thus lowering blood pressure.

2. Less Pain, More Gain

Consuming beetroot, particularly in liquid form, has been shown to improve exercise performance.

Research carried out by scientists at the University of Exeter, found that drinking beetroot juice improved both sprint performance and decision-making during prolonged intermittent exercise.

Again, the nitrates in beetroot act as antioxidants, reducing muscle soreness and helping to aid muscle recovery.

3. Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is how our body’s immune system responds to injury or infection, and without it, we cannot heal.

Beetroot contains betaine, a natural anti-inflammatory that helps protect cells, proteins and enzymes.

4. Prevent Dementia

As we have mentioned above, the high concentration of nitrates in beetroot helps improve blood flow.

Studies have also shown that drinking beetroot juice increases blood flow to the brain which may help fight the progression of dementia or other cognitive conditions.

5. Anti-Cancer Properties

Beetroot doesn’t just brighten up your typical green salad. The phytonutrients (plant pigment) that give beetroot its bright, purple-red colour are also thought to help ward off cancer.

The beetroot extract has been used in studies to reduce multi-organ tumour formations. In addition, the fibre found in beetroot also aid the body’s ability to detect and suppress the development of certain types of cancerous cells.

Get Your Daily Hit

Taken in by beetroot’s earthy charm? This home-grown favourite is taking over the food industry and is now readily available in many forms including, concentrated juices, jams and preserves.

You can easily include this superfood powerhouse in your diet every day, check out some of our beetroot favourites at Soulbia.

Squeeze Wheatgrass, Beetroot

Let us introduce you to Squeeze Wheatgrass, a range of powerful superfood shots which are 100% natural and packed full of flavour. To keep annoying hunger pangs at bay, look at taking the Beetroot flavoured juice first thing in the morning.

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Tamnagh Foods, Beetroot Pickle

The award-winning Beetroot Pickle from Tamnagh Foods is produced using freshly grown beetroot farmed just outside Omagh, Co.Tyrone. This tangy pickle is a perfect accompaniment to any meat and cheese platter.

Interested in stocking these little jars of beetroot heaven? Place your order today on Soulbia here.

Crossogue Preserves, Beetroot Chutney

Produced in the heart of Co. Tipperary, Crossogue’s chunky Beetroot Chutney is an award-winning palate pleaser.

Whack a dollop of this on your next cheese board, for this vividly coloured chutney will put a spring in your step, and taste buds!

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