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5 Truly Irish Artisan Foods You Need To Know About

5 Truly Irish Artisan Foods You Need To Know About

If you haven’t figured it out already, there is a lot going on in the local Irish food scene these days. From sweet chutneys to coconut baked muesli, we are always on the look-out for the very best local, artisan food producers in Ireland.

Don’t feel left out, dive into the best Irish produce right here on Soulbia; take a look at five truly Irish artisan foods you need to get know.

1. Crossogue Preserves, Irish Whiskey Marmalade

Hand-produced in the heart of Co.Tipperary, Veronica Molloy produces Crossogue Preserves, a unique range of handmade jams, preserves and chutneys which are just bursting with flavour.

How we like to eat it:

With a subtle oak notes, we love the taste of Veronica’s Irish Whiskey Marmalade. Enjoy the taste of this rich, smokey, citrus preserve, spread across some hand-rolled whole-grain crackers.

2. Tamnagh Foods, Farmhouse Chutney

Based in the Sperrin Mountains, Co. Derry, Tamnagh Foods are busy crafting small batches of award-winning granola, relish and chutneys. Packed with courgettes, onions and tomatoes, the Farmhouse Chutney is full of chunky goodness.

How we like to eat it:

Subtle notes of cayenne pepper makes this spicy chutney the perfect addition to any meat and cheese platter.

3. Nutritiously Delicious, Natural Muesli

With a shared passion for wholesome, natural food, Nutritiously Delicious was founded by Nutritionists, Andria and Elaine. Their Natural Muesli made from raw organic coconut oil is a breakfast favourite in the Soulbia household.

How we like to eat it:

With the warmer weather coming in, muesli is a breakfast that will give you loads of energy without leaving you feeling sluggish. We enjoy ours with a dollop of creamy yoghurt and a few blueberries thrown in for good measure.

4. Spice Devils, Kari Tropical

Specialising in Mauritian Creole blends, Spice Devils is a family-run business based in Dublin. Headed up by Shakeel, a fourth generation biryani maker from Mauritius, this range of freshly milled, gluten-free whole spices are produced by Shakeel himself.

How we like to eat it:

Clean ingredients, fresh aromas; the Kari Tropical allows you enjoy the real taste of the tropics. This mild, fruity spice can be used in traditional curry sauces or as a rub for meats or vegetables.

5. Squeeze Wheatgrass, Apple and Pear

With a passion for producing quality wheatgrass shots, Squeeze Wheatgrass has really shaken-up the health food market. Based in Co. Down, Northern Ireland, Jacquelyn Stewart, Managing Director, began growing and juicing her own wheatgrass from her kitchen in 2010.

How we like to drink it:

Down it in one! The Apple and Pear flavour is full of powerful antioxidants which will help reduce inflammation, in addition, one 60ml sachet will keep those hunger pangs at bay and prevent overeating.

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