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The perfect Picnic Pack

The perfect Picnic Pack

 Whether you're enjoying an alfresco feast or laid-back lunch, making your way to the beach, or planning an almighty picnic feast after a long hike, eating outdoors requires planning. Fear not, with picnic season in full swing SoulBia has everything you need under one roof!

Refreshing summer drinks

Is there anything more satisfying than an iced cold drink on a hot summers day? Well look no further than Synerchi Kombucha. This heavenly drink comes in a range of flavours (lemongrass & ginger, oranges and lemon, pear with matcha tea, raspberry & rosehip and original sencha tea) that are perfect to quench that summer thirst. Better yet, there all natural, vegan, paleo and naturally free from dairy gluten and soy. The best part?  This refreshing drink is packed with live probiotics that boost your gut health; what's not to love? Or if your celebrating or just want to make the picnic extra special look no further than Botonique. This classy little number is a de-alcoholised, dry, sparkling drink made of botanical extracts, vitamins, minerals and pear, bramble and strawberry juices. Perfect for wine lovers who are looking for something a little different, healthier and yet still refreshing. 


The all-important main course

Venturing into the great outdoors with a heaving picnic hamper is one of the great joys of summer but you can’t have a picnic without sandwiches! SoulBias answer? Schnitzer gluten free baguettes! This french classic is mouth wateringly delicious and pairs perfectly with Tofurky barbeque chick’n, smoked ham deli slices and Violife Greek Style Cheese. Word of warning; once you’ve popped you won’t stop; they’re THAT good! Or if you prefer something light, drizzle Burren Balsamic vinegar over your crisp and colourful salad and add Passion Preserved range of relishes to any dish.

It’s all about them snacks

Its imperative that your picnic pack includes chips, dips and snacks. Any food that can be transported in tupperware is fair game. But what about a few classics that don’t require any extra packing? The Protein Ball Company offer perfect pouch snack size treats that are vegan, gluten free and perfect for munching on while chatting with your mates and running from the inevitable wasp invasion. Hippeas crisps are another firm favourite. They’re organic high in fibre chickpea puff snack. With just 90 calories, they are also a great source of protein. As well as that, they are free from pretty much anything bad you can think of (not literally). Here's some of the main culprits; gluten free wheat free, nut free, sugar free and soy free. Or what about nush yogurts! These tasty little fellows are nothing short of divine; you can choose from blueberry, strawberry or peach! There's something about eating outdoors, and on a blanket, that makes food taste slightly more delicious and these nush yoghurts are no exception.


So, whether you know of a beautiful patch of grass worth spending some time in or want to spend less time slaving over the stove (who wants to do that in the summer anyway?), make sure that you call into SoulBia to pick up your portable delicious summer picnic spread, breathe in some summer air and let the stress of a busy day melt away. SoulBia offers an easy way to enjoy good foods with simple healthy options.


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