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The Vegan Cheese Shopping Guide

The Vegan Cheese Shopping Guide

A life without your once favourite fridge essential is no longer the case.  Use our guide to help you navigate through the many new cheese alternative that are available for you to try.  When you just need that savoury fix, or the perfect addition to your big bowl of pasta there is a whole world for you to choose from.

We really hope that you enjoy our Vegan Cheese Guide.  To help you start your own perfect Cheese Board we are giving you 10% OFF our full Vegan Cheese Collection. 

Use code VegCG921 at checkout to claim your 10% OFF.



Vegan Mozzarella

Violife Mozzarella non-dairy cheese alternative

With a gooey texture and a bit of stretch Violife have excelled in the Vegan Mozzarella category. Prepare yourself for mouth-watering, Violife Mozzarella flavour gives a mild & buttery taste, and it can perfectly complement your pizzas. 

Mozzarisella Classic Vegan Cheese

Another delightful alternative to dairy cheese, 100% vegan Cheese. A special taste for your recipes, plain or in hot dishes.

Verified Customer Review

‘I bought this product recently to try it, I added it to my salad for dinner one evening as I can’t eat real cheese being lactose intolerant and I can’t get over how nice it is, tastes like the real thing! I have purchased more of these today! very happy! thanks SoulBia x’


Follow Your Heart Parmesan - Grated Italian Style

This is a staff favourite at SoulBia HQ.  With a beautifully intense savoury and salty flavour Follow Your Hearts Italian-style Parma Alternative has done a really good job of being just like the original. From appearance to taste and texture, this is the go-to for your pastas and risottos.  Bring the taste of Italy into your kitchen with Follow Your Heart Parmesan - Grated Italian Style. Shake some grated Italian Style on your homemade lasagne pasta or pizza.

Verified Customer Review

‘This is THE best vegan parmesan out there.’

Creamy Spreads

Sheese creamy spreads

We love Sheese spreadable so much that it was impossible for us to pick a single favourite. We did all agree, however that you should have at least two flavours on the table anytime a box of crackers is within reach.  Whether you fancy a bit of Garlic and Herb or you’re more the Sweet Chilli type the Sheese range sits firmly unbeaten with us.  Bute Island’s Sheese Range has a thick creamy texture that’s smooth to spread and can be used in cooking also.

Verified Customer Reviews

‘I love this cheese, it is tasty without overwhelming the taste buds. Give it a try.’ 



Violife Epic Mature, grated, block and mini

Violife epic mature cheddar style brings the cheeesseee, Epic Mature grated is ready to be sprinkled on your jacket potato and pizza, Epic Mature block is ready for your sandwiches, Epic Mature minis are ready for your lunch box.  Melt on your favourite pasta dishes or as a midnight snack straight from the pack.

Verified Customer Reviews

‘Perfect for topping, melts well and great flavour ‘

‘Best brand of vegan cheese for me, grates and melts well’

‘The best vegan cheese by far! Delicious and close to the real thing’



Bute Island Foods Mild Cheddar Style

Light in colour and delightful in taste, we love the resealable packaging. Bute Island Foods Mild Cheddar Style comes in 3 formats, grated, sliced and block.  The block doesn’t rumble when you slice it, and we love it melted on toast!

Verified Customer Reviews

‘A great vegan alternative.’

‘Lovely melted.’

‘Bute Island has a winner with this product in every way, taste, texture and how it looks.’


Follow Your Heart Medium Cheddar Slices

Hard not to eat straight out of the pack, these slices are so moreish.  Follow Your Heart Medium Cheddar Slices are much more like your traditional supermarket cheese slices, easy to tear apart, they drape perfectly over any food that’s needs melted cheese.  

Verified Customer Review

‘Like Bute Islands cheese, this product this product is spot on in every way.’


Yes But Feta Flavour Cubes

New to the Vegan Cheese marketplace, Yes But have well and truly made an impression.  We love these feta flavoured cubes; they are so good it is hard to tell its not feta.  Yes But Feta Flavour Cubes are already perfectly cubed for your salads, they give a beautiful authentic feta feel to your tastebuds.  Beautiful in antipasto, add to some sundried Tomatoes, Olives and Fresh Salad Leaves and you have a spectacular lunch.    

Violife Greek Style Cheese

Greek Salad, here we come. Violife cheese is fortified with Vitamin B12 and is a great source for consuming all-important missing vitamins. So not only does this taste good, but it also notches up some health benefits for us.  Although made from a base of coconut oil this cheese does not taste coconutty at all.

Verified Customer Review

‘Works really well as a feta substitute, not crumbly but great flavour.’


Applewood Smoked Cheese

Applewood Smoked Cheese is the best smoked flavoured cheddar we’ve tasted.  A smooth & creamy smoke flavoured cheddar cheese, perfect for sandwiches, toasties ...or melting!  Applewood Smoked Cheese block is a semi-hard cheese block that is smooth, firm, and easy to slice. ... You also won't feel disappointed because this is a vegan cheese that melt.

Verified Customer Reviews

‘Melts and tastes gorgeous. Never get enough.’

‘As a vegan it is marvelous to be able to enjoy vegan alternatives that are            as good or better than the dairy originals.’

‘What a lovely cheese. Super smokey, melts beautiful when doing a            cheese toasty and also raw very good. Kudos Applewood, you really created a  star here.’

We really hope that you enjoyed our Vegan Cheese Guide.  To help you start your own perfect Cheese Board we are giving you 10% OFF our full Vegan Cheese Collection. Just use code VegCG921 at checkout (Valid until 31.10.12).

P.S Don't forget the crackers


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