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Bone Brox Wild Cod Buillon - 370ml

by Brox
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Bone Brox Wild Cod Buillon 370ml Product. 100% wild-caught cod carcasses were used for the BROX consommé for cooking. According to Greenpeace, the wild cod, which is fished with longlines in the Icelandic Atlantic, is a sustainable alternative to fish caught with trawls. Organic kombu algae give the consommé a special, slightly salty taste. Ideal for all sea lovers who value sustainable fishing and at the same time are looking for a tasty source of protein without additives or added sugar


  • Ingredients

    Water, beef bones * (32%), red wine *, onions *, carrots *, tomatoes *, CELERY *, tomato paste *, leek *,apple balsamic vinegar (apple cider vinegar *, apple syrup *), prunes (dried plums *, rapeseed oil *), ginger *, Port *, maple syrup *, salt, parsley *, garlic *, allspice *, juniper berries *, thyme *, bay leaves *, rosemary *, cloves *, cinnamon * * from organic farming controlled by DE-ÖKO-037