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Meat Replacements

  • Yakso Seitan 330ml - SoulBia
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    Yakso Seitan 330ml

    Yakso Seitan is a very interesting meat substitute. Whether diced, as a whole or cut into slices, seitan is very versatile. The wheat pieces are in...

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  • Vbites Cheatin' Maple Rashers - 115g - SoulBia
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    Vbites Cheatin' Maple Rashers - 115g

    A new take on our best selling Streaky Style Rasher, with a maple flavour for that extra sweetness, ideal for a sweet American style breakfast.

  • Tofurky Barbeque Chick'n -  227g - SoulBia
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    Tofurky Barbeque Chick'n - 227g

    This smoky, tangy full-flavored BBQ Tofurky chick'n can be seared, steamed, or tossed cold with your favorite crisp veggies. This product is Vegan.