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Mozzarisella Organic Spreadable Blue - 150g ❄️


Mozzarisella Organic Spreadable Blue - 150g ❄️ is a delicious vegan blue gorgonzola cheese alternative made from BioSuRice, an innovative creation using 100% whole Italian rice germinated with Dolomitian spring water. To give this variety it’s authentic flavour, high-quality nori seaweed and ulva sea lettuce are also mixed into the ingredient list.

Unique, fresh and versatile, this vegan cheese substitute is free from GMOs, lactose, gluten, soya and cholesterol. It is made using premium selected organic produce in a dedicated allergen-free plant-based factory in the Veneto region.

The delicate taste and soft texture of Mozzarisella Organic Spreadable Blue - 150g ❄️ makes it a special product that is appreciated by younger people too. Try it spread on bread and crackers, sliced on pizzas and potatoes, or stirred into pastas and salads.

  • Ingredients

    Biosurice (48%)* (Water, Germinated Whole Rice* (20.8%), Salt, Apple Vinegar*), Water, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil*, Natural Flavouring, Lemon Juice*, Seaweed Nori* (0.07%), Seaweed Ulva (0.05%), Thickening Agents: Agar-Agar, Arabic Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carob Flour.
    *Organic Ingredient.

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