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Blakes Always Organic Natural Kefir 250ml❄️

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Blakes Always Organic Natural Kefir is a yoghurt style drink, Kefir is know to be exceptionally rich in nutrients and probiotics, aiding digestion and providing excellent gut health benefits, high in protein, calcium and vitamin D and tastes amazing too!

Useful Information About Blakes Always Organic Natural Kefir:

Recommended Daily Serving 100 grams per day

Shake well before use.

May be drunk straight from the bottle.

Some separation may occur and this is perfectly natural, as Blakes Organic ‘Feel Good’ Kefir is a live natural product with no Artificial Preservatives, Stabilizers, Sugars, Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Flavourings or Colours added to the product. (In other words, it only contains Organic Pasteurized cow’s milk and the Kefir grains to activate the fermentation process).

Fruit may be added to the kefir to make a delicious smoothie, but we recommend that you do this shortly before consumption as the natural sugars found within the fruit may cause a second fermentation process.

It can be added to Porridge Oats or Muesli and allowed to soak overnight, (keep chilled below 5 degrees to slow down the fermentation process). This will produce a creamy flavour to your kefir porridge.

The Organic milk  used in Blakes kefir is sourced locally from farms within the North-west of Ireland.