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Bute Island Foods Mild Cheddar Style Slices - 180g


Bute Island Foods Mild Cheddar Style Slices - 180g Mild Cheddar style Sheese Slices are a vegan and kosher friendly, medium strength alternative to cheese made with coconut oil.

Here’s a sensible choice when packing a simple but scrumptious lunch, or a tempting picnic: White Cheddar style Sheese Slices! They’re practical portions of Sheese, and a perfect choice for sandwiches, grilled toasties, baked meals, homemade vegan pizza… basically pretty much anything, the only limit being your imagination.

  • Ingredients

    Water, coconut oil, modified potato starch, maize starch, salt, thickeners (carrageenan, guar gum), modified maize starch, soy protein concentrate, yeast extract, natural flavouring, glycerine, lactic acid, sodium lactate (dairy free), colour (carotenes)