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Eco egg Fresher For Longer Discs- 4 Discs x 3G

by EcoEgg
Sold out
  • Each disc lasts for 3 months
  • Great results: independently proven
  • No harsh chemicals

Eco egg Fresher For Longer Discs are proven to prolong the life of your fruit and vegetables 

The same technology that cruise ships use to keep their produce fresh whilst at sea for weeks on end is now available in your own home.  Ever wondered how supermarkets keep fruit and veg fresh for so long? It’s this technology they use in their vast fruit warehouses.

It’s ethylene gas that’s the enemy.  As fruit and veg start to go off they give off ethylene gas.  The problem is that ethylene gas also causes fruit and veg to go off – so you get a vicious circle.  That’s why, when fruit and veg start to go off, they go off very quickly!  The discs break the cycle by absorbing the ethylene gas, slowing down the decay process and keeping your food fresher for longer.

They are so easy to use – just pop one in the fridge, fruit bowl, lunch box or cool box – then forget about it.  It’ll then keep working hard – for the next 3 months – absorbing the ethylene gas and keeping your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. They’ll extend the life of your fruit and vegetables so you’ll get a chance to eat them before they go bad.  If you are trying to eat more healthily, or just want to save money, these are perfect for you.

This is a great value kit which contains 4 discs.  And with each lasting for 3 months, that’s a year’s supply!