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Ellas Kitchen Chicken & Sweetcorn Mash 7m+ - 130g

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Ellas Kitchen Chicken & Sweetcorn Mash 7m+ - 130g with herb sprinkles has a 100% yummy chicken, potatoes, vegetable meal for babies, a mix of just organic foods, perfectly balanced for growing babies. It is suitable for babies from 7 months, stage 2. It has no added sugar or salt and contains naturally occurring sugars. It has no additives or thickeners, E numbers or GM and concentrates or juices. It has no big lumps and nothing artificial. C.

    • Ingredients

      Organic Sweetcorn 29%, Organic MILK 22%, Organic Potatoes 20%, Organic Chicken 12%, Organic Onions 6%, Organic Leeks 6%, Organic Broccoli 5%, Organic Parsley