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Ellas Kitchen Tomato-y-Pasta 10m+ 190g

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Ellas Kitchen Tomato-y-Pasta 10m+ 190g is tastebud tingling with plenty of veg.  A marvelous meal with no added sugar or salt no really big lumps and nothing artificial just yummy organic food for growing babies.

Organic pasta with tomatoes + veg meal + I'm perfectly balanced for growing babies.

Ellas Kitchen Tomato-y-Pasta 10m+ 190g is suitable for babies from 10 months. My flavour are a new journey for tiny taste buds to explore and my lumps and chunks are specially designed to help your baby to chew. I'm suitable for vegetarians too.

    • Ingredients

      Organic Tomatoes 41%,, Organic Vegetables Stock 23% (Water and Organic Vegetables: Onions, Swedes and Carrots), Organic Onions 8%, Organic Pasta 7% (Durum Wheat and Egg Whites), Organic Red Peppers 7%, Organic Carrots 6%, Organic Swedes 6%, Organic Olive Oil 1%, Organic Oregano <0.1%, Other Stuff 0%