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Firefly Natural Drinks Love Potion -330ml

by Firefly
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A Juicy blend of passionfruit and blueberries spiced up with natures naughtiest botanicals! Each bottle is unique! Randomised lip design with one of fifty different love quotes on pack. Vegan friendly. No added sugar. Suitable as a soft drink, or can be used as a premium mixer.
  • Ingredients

    Still water, fruit juices from concentrate: white grape (37%), peach (4.1%), grapefruit (3.9%), red grape (3.8%), blueberry (2.6%), orange (1.4%), lemon (1.3%), passion fruit (0.9%); botanical extracts (0.03%): cacao nib, wormwood, kola nut, green coffee, angelica; natural rosemary flavouring, other natural flavourings.