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Fushi Vegan Ghee - 230g

by Fushi
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Fushi Vegan Ghee - 230g is made with a blend of creamy Coconut Oil & Olive Oil.  It is rich in essential fatty acids and is an ideal dairy-free alternative to traditional Ghee Butter
Fushi Vegan Ghee - 230g is a palm-free, smooth aromatic blend to enrich curries and bakes.

Fushi Vegan Ghee - 230g is a smooth, aromatic blend of pure cold pressed plant butter and oils, a wonderful replacement for traditional Butter Ghee. Fushi Vegan Ghee is a dairy-free, plant-based healthy alternative to other cooking oils also.

Nutritious, wholesome, and ideal to enrich bakes and curries, it consists of a blend of highly nutritious extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil. Combined with an all-natural rich nutty Ghee flavour.

Rich in omega-3 fats and other important fatty acids, Fushi Vegan Ghee - 230g is ideal for cooking with and will leave your food fresh, light and fragrant with a delicious buttery taste.

Produced from high quality Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil sourced from Sri Lanka and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil sourced from the Mediterranean region.

This is an all-natural product and colour separation may occur. This does not affect the flavour or quality of the product. In warmer weather the product may become liquid and can be kept in the fridge if you prefer it spreadable.

  • Ingredients

    Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Vegan Ghee Flavouring, Natural Preservative (DL-Alpha Tocopherols), Sunflower Oil, Beta Carotene (from Fermentation of Blakeslea Trispora).