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Gluten is My Bitch: Recipes for the Gluten Free

by SoulBia

Living gluten-free is not a whole lot of fun, but at least April has managed to make it funny.

Gluten Is My Bitch is a brutally honest, entertaining look at what living a g-free life entails. Gluten free folks need this truth telling! As an antidote to the tragic news that, no, you will never eat regular donuts again, April provides 60 gluten-free comfort food recipes that will make even the most frustrated gluten-intolerant smile with relief.


"Highly entertaining."--New Yorker

"April Peveteaux has somehow managed to turn her celiac disease diagnosis into a memoir, guide, and gluten-free cookbook that inspires as much laughter as cookery."--Chicago Tribune

"On paper, she has a witty, side-splitting humor like Tina Fey. In person, she radiates a palpable compassion that fills a room."--Austin Chronicle

"A lot of books about this have a morose or scientific bent, so it's nice to see someone who's rightfully irritated by the situation and writes about it with some irony. When your food life is boring, you need humor."--Sarah Ruhl, Tony-nominated playwright