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Lo Bros Organic Kombucha - Ginger & Lemon 750ml

by Lo Bros
A refreshing soft drink, made by adding a live culture to sweetened green tea. Containing less than 1g of sugar per 100ml and more than 100 million living cultures in every bottle, Lo Bros Kombucha Ginger & Lemon provides a zingy, refreshing drink that tastes so delicious it’s hard to believe it’s so good for you! Lovingly brewed in Berkshire, it is organic, dairy free, gluten free and vegan.
  • Ingredients

    Organic Kombucha* (Water, Organic Kombucha Culture*, Organic Green Tea*, Organic Oolong Tea*, Organic Raw Sugar*), Organic Ginger Juice* (<1%), Natural Flavour, Natural Extracts (Ginger, Lemon), Bio-Cultures. * Organic Ingredients