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Sgaia Rashers Smoky Flavour - 150g ❄️

by Sgaia

Sgaia Rashers Smoky Flavour - 150g are hand-made in Scotland to be uniquely meaty, savoury and as fresh as possible. As vegan streaky bacon alternatives, they are extremely versatile and will suit many a dish.

With a source of B12 and a protein-rich mix of wheat gluten and soya, Sgaia Rashers Smoky Flavour - 150g are full of plant-based goodness that will have you energised for the day.

Layered in a burger, topped on a bagel, chopped into pasta, or simply stuffed in a sarnie, Sgaia’s Smoky Flavour Rashers will bring that classic bacon flavour to your meals.

    • Ingredients

      Water, Vital WHEAT GLUTEN, Yeast Extract (Yeast, Salt, Vitamin B12), Textured SOYA Protein, Beech Wood Smoke Flavouring, Cane Molasses, Beetroot, Garlic, Paprika, Onion.

    • Customs & Duties

      SoulBia is based in Northern Ireland.  Our goods travel freely within the EU without any charges to our customers.  Goods also travel freely within the UK without any charges to our customers.