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Slim Noodles - Organic - 270g

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No more counting calories, noodle lovers. Made from all-natural organic Konjac flour and gluten-free organic oat (Juroat™), Slim Noodles® is a low-calorie alternative that helps you lose weight without compromising on taste. Its unique blend keeps you satiated for an extended period of time, thus reducing cravings for snacks. The net weight of this product is 270g; it is 200g when drained. Each Pack serves 1-2. Recommended daily allowance
  • Ingredients

    Purified water, Organic Konjac flour and Organic Gluten-free Oat fibre (Juroat™).

  • How to cook

    Drain away the water from the pack.

    Rinse 2-3 times under cold water.

    Heat in an open pan for 2-3 minutes or in a microwave for 1 minute or stir-fry.

    Add with your favourite meal as a side dish, a stir-fry, with soup or salad.