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Zusto Gourmet - 300g (Best Before 26.08.22)

by SoulBia
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Zusto Gourmet - 300g is a unique and innovative sugar substitute which is made from naturally derived substances, namely dietary fibres of corn and chicory. These fibres deliver the sweet taste and structure of traditional sugar.

Zusto Gourmet - 300g can replace sugar on a 1 to 1 weight basis, so this means that the structure, texture and taste of the original product does not alter. Also, it does not have an after taste sensation.

Zusto has 75% less calories than normal sugar. 100g sugar = 400 kcal vs 100g Zusto = 98 kcal.

Zusto Gourmet - 300g is ideal for diabetic patients as it has a low glycaemic index of 22. The fibres in Zusto naturally lower blood sugar levels.
The corn and chicory fibres in Zusto have an additional prebiotic effect on the human intestinal flora. This can lead to a healthier digestive system.

    • Ingredients

      Filler (polydextrose), soluble dietary fibrea (maize, chicory), sweeteners (erythritol, isomalt, sucralose).