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5 Of The Best Energy Boosting Snacks

5 Of The Best Energy Boosting Snacks

Looking for a quick pick-me-up? When the energy tank falls dangerously close to empty, it is very tempting to down a carafe of coffee or make a low-profile dash for the vending machine.

Before you face-plant your keyboard; did you know munching on some strategic snacks can help you restore your energised state of mind?

Take a look at five of the best energy boosting snacks to get you through that afternoon slump.

1. Green Juice

Green Juice

Loaded with antioxidants, chlorophyll, magnesium (the list goes on), but green vegetable juices are filled with nutrients that your body can instantly absorb.

Not only will your veggie juice provide you with amazing nourishment, but it will give you a clean boost of energy.

Just make sure that your green juice is made from vegetables and not too much fruit; you want to avoid any blood sugar level spikes.

Not sure what to include? Here is one of our favourite green recipes:
1 Cucumber
1/2 Bunch Celery
1/2 Bunch Kale
1/2 Lemon Peeled
1 Apple
1 Shot of Squeeze Wheatgrass

2. Ants On A Log

Ants On A Log

A favourite in the playground, but there is no reason why adults can’t indulge this mini snack.

In case you forgot, this is peanut butter, inside a celery stick with a few raisin sprinkled on top. The peanut butter contains a good amount of healthy fats and protein, which means plenty of calories to give you that much needed energy hit.

3. Wholegrain High-Protein Bar

Wholegrain High-Protein Bar

Think pre-packaged protein bars are just for breakfast? Think again!

The perfect snack for when you are on-the-go, look for bars that contain energy-boosting ingredients such as nuts, nut butters or actual protein powder and have less than 15g of sugar.

Our protein snack of choice at the minute are the gluten free Oat & Seed Energy Bars from Boutique Bake's new Healthy Range.

4. Berries


A fiber-licious snack such as blueberries not only tastes good, but they are full of antioxidants which can help reduce body fat, heart disease and diabetes.

For an incredibly filling combination, add blueberries to a bowl of Greek yoghurt or almonds to give you a healthy balance of fibre and healthy fats along with a decent amount of protein.

5. Seaweed


Seaweed may not look the most appealing, but this dense green/brown sea vegetable is high in nutrients such as iodine and is actually a surprisingly addictive treat.

For the perfect mid-afternoon snack, try the Organic Sweet Kelp from Emerald Isle Seaweed, this is the finest in high quality Organic Irish Seaweed.

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