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Soulbia Grocery Store

Soulbia is a business brought to you by love, a love of finding good food and a love of telling people about it. At Soulbia our mission is to bring you the greatest Artisan and Free-From food in one easy, convenient way.

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  • Bone Broths Reported Benefits
    September 5, 2019

    Bone Broths Reported Benefits

    Bone Broths Reported Benefits In traditional cooking, people often use meat bones as a base for delicious stock. Aside from being the secret to great cooking, bone broth is also incredibly nutritious and has scores of health benefits. Read some of...

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  • One-Pot BBQ Burrito Bowls
    September 4, 2019

    One-Pot BBQ Burrito Bowls

    One-Pot BBQ Burrito Bowls                                                             This 30 minute one pot wonder is the dream for a busy weeknight. These burrito bowls have tender spiced rice, beans, corn, and BBQ-flavoured chicken, all cooked together in a Dutch oven on top of the...

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