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Recycling and Sustainability

Our Recycle and Sustainability Policy


At SoulBia, we care deeply about the environment and the impact we have on the planet as a company. Recycling of resources, materials and an end to waste is an important part of sustainability because it reduces the negative human impact on the environment and helps reduce the pressure on natural resources.

Every action that contributes to better sustainability is helpful no matter how unimportant it may seem.

We are always looking for ways to lower our carbon footprint and become more sustainable through our practices and policies.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email us at

and we’d be delighted to discuss this with you!


Our Packaging

We do our very best to minimise our impact on the environment, and that includes our packaging!

  • All our orders are packed in cardboard boxes so they're totally recyclable!
  • The wood wool we use to keep your order safe is recyclable and biodegradable
  • Chilled goods will be packed in an insulated bag with gel packs.
  • Our insulated liner is reusable.  The gel packs are also reusable, they can be refrozen and reused repeatedly.  These are great to pop in your own chill bags or packed lunch bags for day trips, or to keep in the freezer as an emergency ice pack for injuries
  • To recycle the gel packs just empty the liquid and put them in your local recycling.

Chilled Packaging & Return Scheme

As the foil insulated liners used for our chilled orders can’t be recycled, customers can send these back to us for free!


Simply collect 5 orders’ worth of chill wraps and gel packs and pop an email over to and we’ll give you a free shipping label for return to us.



We work with DPD for the delivery of our orders because they have a very strong carbon neutral commitment and offset their carbon emissions by financing renewable and cleaner energy production projects. Learn more about this here –


Our Clearance Section

One third of the food produced globally goes to waste.  This is a problem that impacts us environmentally, socially and financially.  In the UK 10 Million tonnes of food is wasted every year, we all have a responsibility to help reduce food waste.


We sell products which are nearing or past their best before dates, Customers can purchase food that is past its best before date at a discounted rate and help reduce the amount of food waste by keeping food out of landfill sites.


What’s the difference with best before and use by dates?

Best Before Dates, Use By Dates, what do all the different numbers mean?

Use By date is the one that you need to pay attention to, it is the one that is placed on perishable foods and could make you unwell if consumed after that date.


You can eat these foods right up to that date or you can freeze them for a time afterwards (if suitable); such foods generally include meat and fish.


Best Before is the date that food will generally be at its best, after this the food is safe to eat but might just not be at its best. Chocolate, crisps and biscuits can last for as long as 6 months past the best before date; it Is best to store them in an air tight container after opening as they may go soft.


Once the products are gone… they’re gone!  So, you best be quick to grab yourself a bargain.


Sourcing local suppliers

We do our very best to ensure that we source as many local suppliers as we can.

We realise that local sourcing can be beneficial to the environment, as it uses less transportation and consequently causes less carbon emission.