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5 Top Tips for Becoming Vegan

5 Top Tips for Becoming Vegan

  1. Your family, friends and significant other will have lots of questions
Our diets are formed from an early age, by changing your diet you are challenging other people whether you realise or mean to.  You may be making people question what they are never questioned before, they may be defensive, even if you haven’t verbally challenged their diet you many have done so on a subconscious level.  Be prepared for the aftermath, avoid conflict, you can simply state your choices suit you and all should be well.  Also, don’t make people feel as though they have to defend their choices, everybody has a right to choose.
  1. You’ll be happier
Not only will you be happier about helping the animals and the planet you will be happy because you may have sparked some neurological changes.  Animal based products contain more Arachidonic Acid which can disturb your short-term mood once consumed.
  1. You don’t have to do it all at once
Becoming vegan is a pretty big lifestyle change and like all major changes it can best to break it down into small steps.  Becoming a vegan takes work which means it takes time.  Start small, add more plant-based foods to your diet, slowly cut out animal products especially those that are processed e.g. swap cow’s milk for nut milks, swap sausages for vegan sausages.  It is much easier than you think.  A gradual shift can be fundamental to your success.
  1. Get ready to read
Becoming vegan means reading labels and checking ingredients.  Animal products are masked by a number of different names in the food industry.  Casein and Whey come from Milk and can be found in many products from cereal bars to white bread.  Gelatine, Tallow/Suet are derived from meat. 
Beware of the red foods, Carmine, Cochineal or Cochineal extract, Crimson Lake or Carmine Lake also known as Natural Red 4 is the red pigment from the crushed female Beatle.
  1. You can still eat in your favourite restaurants
More and more restaurants are now providing vegan alternatives, have a look around and you’ll be surprised.  But never take it for granted that a dish is vegan there may be some hidden ingredients in the process. Make sure you tell your waiter all dietary requirements to avoid any issues and disappointment. 
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