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Got Nut Milk? 4 Food Trends Making Us Hungry

Got Nut Milk? 4 Food Trends Making Us Hungry

Consumers are hungry for innovation. From non-dairy milk to fermented cabbage, there are a number of small food trends that have got people salivating for more.

Here are four food trends retailers need to watch out for this year.


With new bites and bars aimed at health conscious consumers who want to snack on leaner protein, beef and turkey jerkies are making a big comeback on our store shelves.

Artisan producers are creating on-the-go meat snacks bursting with trendier flavours, such as Ginger and Honey Beef or Wine and Cranberries. In addition to being convenient, jerky is the perfect source of tasty, high-quality protein.

Non-Dairy Milk Products

Consumer demand for plant-based, non-dairy milk products is on the rise.

From milk allergies to people who are interested in leading a Paleo diet, even veganism has contributed to non-dairy milk consumption.

Non-dairy products are produced from a range of sources, including soy, oat, almond, rice, quinoa, hemp and flax.

Check out our vegan range, just enter 'vegan' in the search box.

Fermented Food

Kimchi the little pickled cabbage is no longer just a Korean side dish; people are looking to expand their taste palates. The hot and sour flavours of Kimchi appeal to consumers looking for a ‘safe food adventure’, and popular fusion dishes now pack a spicy Kimchi punch.

Loaded fries, burger toppings, fiery rice boxes; these are just a couple of dishes consumers want to eat and cook with this in-vogue ferment.

This tasty tradition also has some added health benefits, especially when it comes to your gut. Fermented foods are often referred to as probiotic foods, as they contain lactic acid-producing bacteria which helps acidify the digestive tract, creating an environment where healthy bacteria can grow.

The guys over at Cultured Kitchen, our quickly becoming our new fermented friends. The Irish food company produce their own Kimchi, which is bursting with raw, live flavour, check them out here.

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