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SoulBia Soul Stories with Boringly Good

Soul Stories with Boringly Good

This week we'd like to introduce you to the makers of an exceptionally good Almond Nut Milk! While it might be "Boring" to some people, here at SoulBia we get super excited, especially when we find a product as good as this (made locally)! We caught up with Rhian and Gerald creators of Boringly Good to find out how "8 years, 3 countries and 4 kids later" they came to find themselves making the first cold-pressed, cold-pressured milk alternative in the UK and Ireland.

"When we moved to China for work in 2007, it was the little things we missed from home. Toast and jam for breakfast, a decent cup of tea!  So we baked bread, boiled jam and even made ketchup but no matter how much we tried (short of bringing a cow to our 21st floor apartment!) we couldn't find a decent drop of milk for our morning tea until we stumbled across a recipe for homemade Almond milk.  8 years, 3 countries and 4 kids later we moved back to Ireland thinking we'd finally be able to buy what we loved but we couldn't - so we decided to start the business ourselves.  

It's really important to us that there are no compromises with our Nut milk - it's what we would want to buy ourselves.  We want the nutrients, the flavour and the texture as well as being able to use it in anything you could use dairy in - and without adding any scary additives -it's amazing that we're the only ones who can honestly say our product is as good as dairy.  Our Nulk is what you'd make in your own kitchen if you had the time (and 10 years experience!) We love how impassioned our customers get about their Nulk - we've had customers on the doorstep at 11pm because they can't face their morning cuppa without it!  When it comes down to it, it's not the very exciting, but it is exceptional Nut milk!

We've just made life a little less boring when we added a couple of flavours to our range - still with the same ethos of whole, healthy ingredients. Our Strawberry is pink and creamy (and contains real strawberries) and our Matcha Green tea gives an antioxidant boost with a hint of Earl Grey - you'll have to trust us that this green milk is a real treat! A little less boring, even more delicious!" - Rhian & Gerald, Founders, Boringly Good.

Shop the full range of Boringly Good Almond Nut Milk Here


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