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Eaten Alive Classic Mild Kimchi - 375g ❄️

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Raw, vegan and bio-live - every jar of Eaten Alive kimchi has been hand made by chefs in our specialised London kitchen. We never heat or pasteurise, so each jar is packed with beneficial bacteria that make it healthy and delicious. Eaten Alive Classic Mild Kimchi won a Great Taste Award in 2018. Made exactly the same as our classic kimchi, but with a bit less chilli means all the complexity of flavour but without any heat. Fabulous in salads, wraps and sandwiches or great tossed through green vegetables. Eaten Alive founders Pat & Glyn were top restaurant chefs with a passion for the complex flavours of fermented foods. This passion, combined with the benefits of eating live food, lead them to start Eaten Alive in 2016 a truly Health-Foodie brand. Eaten Alive products continue to win multiple awards for flavour and innovation every year.
  • Ingredients

    Chinese leaf, daikon, carrot, spring onion, apple, chilli, wheat free soy sauce, ginger, chilli powder, garlic, salt