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I Am Nut OK Wedge • C’è Dairy? (Cheddary & Açaí) - 120g ❄️

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I Am Nut OK Wedge • C’è Dairy? (Cheddary & Açaí) - 120g is a wonderful vegan cheddar cheese alternative with a complex, mature flavour akin to traditional cheddars, but with a fruity twist. With its fun-loving brand and flavours far from bland, we think it’s more daring than dairy!

Artisan-made in London with cashew nuts and Live Cultures, this cheddar alternative boasts all the notes you’d expect, strong, umami, salty, and some you wouldn’t, due to the açaí superberry coating that adds fruity, earthy notes too.

Try I Am Nut OK Wedge • C’è Dairy? (Cheddary & Açaí) - 120g in sumptuous sandwiches, sliced on crackers, or even baked in mac and cheese. Plus, it will definitely take pride of place on a vegan cheese board – so sophisticated!

Wrap well or put in a container after opening. Consume within 5 days. Can be frozen up to 2 months.

  • Ingredients

    CASHEW NUTS, Water, Coconut Oil, Nutritional Yeast, Miso* (SOYA), MUSTARD, Sea Salt, Açaí, Live Cultures.
    *Organic Ingredient

  • Customs & Duties

    SoulBia is based in Northern Ireland.  Our goods travel freely within the EU without any charges to our customers.  Goods also travel freely within the UK without any charges to our customers.