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Moo Free Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs - 50g

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Do you miss mini eggs? Then you're going to love Moo Free Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs - 50g, dairy free, vegan milk chocolate mini eggs! These mini eggs are also lactose free, gluten free and soya free!

 Dairy Free 
 Lactose Free
 Gluten Free 
 Soya Free 
 Palm Oil Free

Moo Free Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs - 50g dairy dodging, "milk" mini eggs are made using dairy free and vegan chocolate. Each bag of these dairy free mini eggs is made in UK factories that do not manufacture milk chocolate or any other milk, gluten or soya based products. So, as well as being dairy free, these mini eggs are also gluten-free, soya-free and 100% vegan.

  • Ingredients

    .Organic cocoa [45%] (organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa mass), organic raw cane sugar, organic rice powder (organic dried rice syrup, organic rice starch, organic rice flour), emulsifier (organic sunflower lecithin), natural flavouring.