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Mouse’s Favourite Organic Camembert - 135g ❄️

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Mouse’s Favourite Organic Camembert - 135g is a lovely mild and creamy vegan cheese alternative with a delightfully soft texture. It has been a favourite since its debut in 2016, wining several ‘Best Vegan Cheese’ awards.

An authentic taste is achieved by combining the highest quality organic cashew nuts with traditional cheese-making cultures and processes. Made by hand in micro batches and carefully nurtured, this vegan cheese alternative is aged for several weeks to develop a creamy consistency and delicate flavour.

As it matures, Mouse’s Favourite Organic Camembert - 135g will become firmer and stronger in taste. We think that it brings a sophisticated tone to a vegan cheeseboard.

  • Ingredients

    cashew nuts*, water, sea salt, cultures *organic ingredients