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Seggiano Rice Arborio for Risotto - 500g

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Seggiano Rice Arborio for Risotto - 500g is cultivated by three long established Vercelli rice producing families in the most traditional ways. Straight from the Grange Vercelli rice lands of the fertile Po valley, whose waters are fed from the Alps of northern Italy, this variety of risotto rice is large-grained and the most popular around the globe.

Thanks to the gentle dehusking of the rice, the nutrients of the outer layer and germ are retained; this method is critical to the final great taste and texture of the cooked rice. Once dehusked, the grains are graded according to colour, quality and size, with only the best being good enough for Seggiano Rice Arborio for Risotto - 500g, of course!

We love using this arborio rice in a creamy risotto dish with plenty of mushrooms – the organic qualities really do shine through!

    • Ingredients

      Arborio Rice* (100%).
      *Organic Ingredient.